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都市計画家/Town Plannner, Urban Designer


自然は神が創り、都市は人間が創った。地球上に存在する全ての生命は、地球からの恩恵によって生きることができ、幸福な生活を育むことができる。都市は古代ローマの時代から政治や経済の集中する「都」であり、「市」として発展を遂げてきた。19世紀から20世紀にかけての急速な科学技術の発展は世界に大都市を誕生させると共に、環境問題を生み出した。その潮流は地球規模に広がり、今や、持続可能な未来への鍵を握るのは「都市の再生と創造」となっている。都市は地球(GAIA)と一体化した持続可能な生息地としての生まれ変わる時期が来た。「地球都市(Gaia City)」の実現に向けた地域の自然に立脚した「地球村(Gaia Village)」を創造していく挑戦が始まる。

Nature was created by gods, cities were created by humans. All life on earth can live and develop a happy life by benefiting from the earth. Since the time of ancient Rome, the city has been a “Capital” where politics and economics are concentrated, and has developed as a “market”. The rapid development of science and technology from the 19th century to the 20th century gave birth to large cities around the world and created environmental problems. The trend is spreading on a global scale, and now the key to a sustainable future is “urban revitalization and creation.” The time has come for cities to be reborn as sustainable habitats integrated with “GAIA”. The challenge of creating a “Gaia Village “ based on the local nature toward the realization of a “Gaia City” begins.




“GAIA” is beautiful. The most important thing for human beings is to have a sense of reverence for the great earth that has given birth to various life forms in this vast universe, and to live earnestly as a part of that great life. Humans should not be at the apex of ecosystems, but should be great explorers and guardians trying to understand them. As baton runners since ancient times, it is our mission to connect our earth to the future while it remains beautiful and to create hope and happiness for the next generation. Human beings have the creative power to create various things. Therefore, we make mistakes, but we are also human beings who can reflect on them, improve them, and try to repair them. I have hope in humans. The 21st century means the birth of human beings who have the experience and wisdom to create a civilization that coexists with “GAIA”. Believe in the “Beautiful World” created by human beings and all living things, let's move forward with aesthetics.


地球で生きる我々は自然と離れては生きられない。この最もシンプルで絶対的な真実を人類は忘れてはならない。都市は、幾たびも、衰退と滅亡を繰り返し、20世紀の後半、地球環境問題はさらに深刻化していった。今こそ、人類は、地球との対話を通して、地球的な視野を持ち、未来を創造する担い手である「地球人(Gaiable Humans)」としての歩みを始めなければならない。都市を創造するという行為は、まさに、人間的であり、近代文明における都市の創り方を顧みて、地球の生命力を最大限に活かすことのできる新たな地域づくりを始めることができる。それは、人間が地球の一部であり、その生命の連鎖によって豊かに生きていく「生命地域主義」から生まれる「地球村(Gaia Village)」の創造に他ならない。我々は、豊かな大地の恵みに包まれた信頼と協同の生活から新しい村を創造していくことができるのである。

We who live on earth cannot live apart from nature. Mankind must not forget this simplest and absolute truth. Cities repeatedly declined and fell, and in the latter half of the 20s century, global environmental problems became even more serious. Now is the time for mankind to have a global perspective through dialogue with “GAIA” and begin to walk as “Gaiable Humans” who are the bearers of creating the future. The act of creating a city is truly humane, and by looking back at how cities were created in modern civilization, we can begin to create new communities that can make the most of the vitality of “GAIA”. It is nothing less than the creation of a “Gaia Village” born from “Bioregionalism” in which humans are part of “GAIA” and live in abundance through the chain of life. We can create a new village from a life of trust and cooperation surrounded by the bounty of the earth.



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